'The pöetry of the empty space and the beauty of sadness'


Judith Ansems

From age 4 to 8 I lived in Lima Peru. My Steph father developed schools in 'los Pueblos Jovenes'. After graduating from High School in The Hague I studied Communications and Design in Rotterdam. At this time (1991) I became the singer of the most popular Student band in the Netherlands, The Hermes House Band. Our songs ' I will survive' and 'Country roads' became, among 10 other songs, a worldwide succes. In 2023 we even reached 100.000.000 streams on Spotify.

In the meantime I studied Children's psychology and became mom of 3 amazing human beings.

 In 2013 I decided to become a professional painter and so I did. I graduated after 5 years at the Wackers Academie of Art in Amsterdam. My teachers are my biggest inspirators. Jim Harris, Sam Drukker, Maarten Welbergen, Tatyana Yassievich, Gyula Somos ao. For graduation my work was judged by Koen Vermeule (among others) and also he is an artist I admire. Arnout Killian, Carlos Sagrera and Gustav Undin are my current inspirators, but it all started with my love for the stillness of Edward Hopper.

In my work I focus on strong lines, rhythm, form and reflections. Figurative, but with a twist. Modern Realism. I hardly put any figures in my work.  My work is about stillness, the pöetry of the empty space and the beauty of sadness.


2023 - May                  KunstRai,  Amsterdam

2023 - April/May     The Female Gaze -Galerie Mokum, Amsterdam

2021- sept.                  KunstRai,  Amsterdam

2021 - May/July       The Female Gaze - Galerie Mokum, Amsterdam

2021 - June.                 Expo: Exams Wackers Academie, Amsterdam

2021 - 2022                 Restaurant Scheepskameel, Amsterdam

2020 - Sept.                 'The poëtry of the empty space', Solo exposition at the dr. Zeeman Laboratory, Amsterdam

2020 - Jan.                    'Kill your Darlings', Wackers Academie, Amsterdam

2019 - Okt.                   'Inside out', Solo exposition at the dr. Zeeman Laboratory, Amsterdam

2019 - June                  Summer exposition Wackers Academie, Amsterdam

2018 - June.                 Summer exposition Wackers Academie, Amsterdam

Judith Ansems, Dutch Modern Realist

contact: judith@judithansems.nl

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My work is listed and archived by https://www.artworkarchive.com/profile/judith-ansems-art