'The poetry of the empty space'


Judith Ansems

Dutch Artist Judith Ansems is an acclaimed Modern Realist painter. With her mostly large size oil paintings of interiors and rooms she inspires her audience to step into their own inner world. Like Carl Jung quoted: “Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes”.


A house, like a human psyche, has two components - a facade and an interior, one corresponding to the public self and the other to the private self. For Jung, homemaking was the perfect metaphor for the integration of the personality - the way we attempt to bring our outer lives into harmony with our innermost desires.


Judith graduated at the Wackers Academy of Art in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She has a multi dimensional approach to life and work, and in her previous ‘lives’ she once rocked the stage as a famous pop singer and had her own psychology practice. Although singing will always be a part of her life, Judith's main goal is to touch people with her Art.


2023 - May                  KunstRai,  Amsterdam

2023 - April/May     The Female Gaze -Galerie Mokum, Amsterdam

2021- sept.                  KunstRai,  Amsterdam

2021 - May/July       The Female Gaze - Galerie Mokum, Amsterdam

2021 - June.                 Expo: Exams Wackers Academie, Amsterdam

2021 - 2022                 Restaurant Scheepskameel, Amsterdam

2020 - Sept.                 'The poëtry of the empty space', Solo exposition at the dr. Zeeman Laboratory, Amsterdam

2020 - Jan.                    'Kill your Darlings', Wackers Academie, Amsterdam

2019 - Okt.                   'Inside out', Solo exposition at the dr. Zeeman Laboratory, Amsterdam

2019 - June                  Summer exposition Wackers Academie, Amsterdam

2018 - June.                 Summer exposition Wackers Academie, Amsterdam

Judith Ansems, Dutch Modern Realist

contact: judith@judithansems.nl

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My work is listed and archived by https://www.artworkarchive.com/profile/judith-ansems-art