Dutch Artist Judith Ansems invites viewers into a world of introspection through her predominantly large-scale oil paintings of interiors and rooms.


As a trained psychologist, Ansems has a unique approach to her artistry, often drawing from her experience working with children, who would unknowingly reveal profound insights through their drawings of their living spaces. Just as a house mirrors the complexity of the human psyche, Ansems' work delves into the duality of public façades and private depths, echoing Jung's theories.


Ansems's work pulsates with the rhythm of lines, shadows, and reflections, evoking a minimalistic, timeless and contemplative atmosphere. Her keen focus on light and dark, stillness and empty spaces invites introspection, where each painting holds a story waiting to be discovered.




Judith Ansems Art by NREB, npwp 42.075.353.5-905.000


instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ansemsart/